Why patterns can be better for your visual identity than logos

From the beginning of my journey as a designer, I noticed how we can get attached to many preconceived ideas about visual identity. Our first impression about branding design may be that it is only about perfectly repeating a tailored logo design or a color palette.


And yes, that works if you are just introducing your work.


But is not the only way. And it doesn’t need to be your foundation just because it is for someone else.


Your logo may do a lot of the talk, but you don’t need to hang your whole branding design on it. There are so many fun ways we can work with graphics and one of my favorites is the use of patterns.


Patterns can be the go-to way to make your visual identity even more unique or fill the gaps when you think something is missing when it comes to how you visually express your branding.


Patterns x Logos

Patterns vs Logos


Patterns are way more flexible than logos.

Most of the time logos do need to be adapted to fit precise dimensions requested by each social media banner or stationery item.

Patterns, on the other side, can be applied on every item of your collateral branding design. Including digital pieces. And you don’t have to worry too much about their placement if they have high resolution.


You can switch them through time without too much stress.

A logo re-design is a meticulous job and most of the time we don’t really know the impact this will have. For a small business, that is still trying to build consistency from the scratch,  getting too experimental with logos can definitely bring more insecurity to the game.

With patterns, you can introduce new designs almost seamlessly – and get totally experimental! – as long as you keep your standard color palette.


You can incorporate more than one pattern at the same time and it still might not look cluttered.

If you are going for a corporate look, you can opt for geometric shapes or stripes. Brands that want a casual and fun look usually go for abstract shapes, polka dots, and florals.

However, if you keep an overall style, you can mix them here and there to achieve more variety for your graphics.


You can create patterns by yourself.

There are so many DIY tutorials out there use stamps and Washi tapes. Why not try to use those techniques to create an original pattern for your branding design yourself?

Adding a handmade touch can be a way of showing even more dedication to the people who purchase your products and services.

Plus, it is an affordable way of building your branding design if you are just starting out.

I love to craft logo designs, but I learned that sometimes we need to get detached from standard ideas about visual identity if we want to reach a greater level of satisfaction with the things we create. There are so many other things to explore when it comes to that, and using patterns is a great way to start experimenting.


Graphic Designer and illustrator from São Paulo/Brazil sharing my journey as solopreneur. In love with cinema, cats, and glitterous stuff.

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