Why invest in a website makeover

I always felt like any service or product needs a proper website for the sake of clarification.

I took a long time to open my own platform but I never really thought it was an option to not have one. While social media can shine a light on any business, a website is a way broader channel with a variety of possibilities when well done.

Your website or blog is one of the tools you have total control of.

And I promise, its not my virgo control freak side telling you that.

But, think about this: if things are going bad in one of your social networks, a website is certainly a place where you can find “shelter”. You can evolve your business through it, try new visuals, schemes, projects, and plugins.

It works as an extension of your business presence.

I decided to give Glam Graphix a website makeover when I realized this would not only benefit me as a solopreneur, as well as help my clients and make my creative flow easier.

Also, I wanted an excuse to put all those neon lights and crazy textures out there.

Why invest in a website makeover


People still have common questions about my work.

I’m a consumer too. I know people don’t always have the time to read big descriptions or terms of use/policies. So I totally understand that as a designer I need to pass these infos as faster as possible.

I didn’t have a page for my policies on my previous website or even questionnaires to help me build a briefing for each design project, and now I have that and is making my development process easier.

I also decided to keep a navigation bar at the top with a FAQ, and a contact page along with a live Facebook chat. It seems too much, but believe me if people find it easier to contact you, they will be more confident to work or order from you.

A website is a platform where people can see what makes me different from my design peers.

I started on Etsy, a place where there are tons of design shops. While each designer has his own essence, it’s hard for people to understand the concept behind each one of my creations through Etsy only because it’s a limited platform.


Just as social networks, Etsy only complements my business.
It doesn’t give people a reason to connect as a website does.


Connection + Interaction.

There’s no way people will be connected to you or your business if you don’t talk about it frequently and remind them the meaning behind it.

I’m one of those ambiverts who don’t really like to talk about my personal life that much, so I needed a way to share my vision clearly while keeping it comforting for myself. My website is a place where I can do just that.



Let’s get just a little bit technical. Google is huge and that ain’t going to change. As a business owner, I’m familiar with the benefits of search engine optimization. And those benefits aren’t easy to get if you don’t have your own web page.

Of course, you don’t need to jump on all the marketing strategies otherwise you’ll get a burnout easily (I’ve been there!). But if you’re going for a website makeover, like I did, why not enjoy the benefits of SEO while you create your content?

When we think about websites we need to think as a way to unify the visions we have for our business. It’s not just about convertion, but create a whole (good) experience. So, if you are an entrepreneur who isn’t satisfied with your current website, ask yourself: can I improve what I current have? Can I tweak it and make each section acessible and useful for the people who visit me?


Graphic Designer and illustrator from São Paulo/Brazil sharing my journey as solopreneur. In love with cinema, cats, and glitterous stuff.

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