Visual Identity Discovery Guide

You have a brand new #girlbossattitude, and you are all excited about your next business venture.
You want this to be as authentic as possible, so, you are ready to invest in branding design.
But you have NO IDEA about where to start. Here’s my advice:

Clarify your brand’s essence before you start designing it.

Self-knowledge is the key to build graphics that look cohesive.
And a visual identity that won’t make people who are looking for your services/products go away on a first impression.

Your ideas are not only about personality but strategy too.

For that reason, I made this free worksheet which can guide you to more clarification before you start jumping on the branding design ride.

Visual Identity Discovery Guide

The Visual Identity Discovery Guide includes a couple of key questions that you should be answering before investing your money in any graphics. You’ll get the .pdf right away on your Inbox.

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