Get to know about the categories of services we’re currently offering.

Design Services: Logo Design

Our logo designs are made for the new solopreneurs, bloggers or small businesses who are looking for an affordable and effective way to brand themselves. We design each logo to match perfectly with the concepts of your branding. Plus you’ll get a branding board with color palette and typography so you can keep your presence running smoothly even after we finished.

What you get: primary logo + alternative logo + branding board.


If you’re in need of a project one hundred percent dedicated to your brand and that follows its values and ideas you can go for our custom branding design sets and single branding design items. We create each item from scratch and the process also includes a research of fonts, color palettes, and references.

What you get: primary logo + alternative logo + web or print graphics according to your brand’s needs + branding design guide (for sets only).

Design Services: Custom Branding Design
Design Services: Wordpress Theme Design

Creating and managing a website is one of the biggest steps you can take for your branding design. For that reason, we also offer custom WordPress themes so you can complete your branding design with an online presence. By now we only work with self-hosted WordPress, so you need to have a web hosting and a domain name to start.

What you get: blog header + custom responsive theme + up to 6 pages designed + social icons + favicon.