Respect your process: The evolution of a Solopreneur

There’s only one business resolution I’ve made for 2018, and that’s to quit wasting time on ‘how-to’ sites with tips about being an entrepreneur. I’ve realized how counterproductive it is for me to constantly read insights on what not to do. How do I know this?

Yes, I’ll admit, I spent the last year doing exactly that.

I scoured the web for hours on end accumulating tips on how to grow my business. And I learned a lot. So you might ask what’s so wrong with that, right?

Well, when you’re a team of one the inner critic’s voice of self-doubt and negativity can become overpowering.  Before you know it, you’re stuck – paralyzed by your own mental frustration.

Respect your process: The evolution of a Solopreneur


Right now, with so much going own about online businesses I feel like is necessary to cultivate a voice of positive reassurance so that when the time comes to take a step forward, we’re feeling motivated and confident to do so.

If something ain’t making you feel enough to do that, is time to stop.

Free advice is great, and we can find tons of it online, but not every tip fits every entrepreneur’s needs.

I definitely won’t stop following my favorites on the field. But I made the easy mistake of turning off my natural filter and instead tried to apply every growth tip I read about. Simply because everyone seems to have SO MUCH more experience than me.

What I found is that I stopped respecting my growth and my journey. I was looking at someone else’s reality and expecting mine to be theirs. I mean, that’s not only a mistake; it’s a disaster.

As a designer who also manages a business, I understand the complexity of incorporating creative exploration into part of the workday. The reality is that the process can be draining and that time and space must be given for that development. Arriving at this decision has been a huge relief for me.

Now, I’ve been trying to avoid getting stressed about keeping up with marketing tips and freelance e-courses that I don’t really need. I outsource more, and as I’ve mentioned to you before: it’s important to adapt.


It’s not about searching far; it’s about listening to the people around us – those we work with, and our audience.

This year I’m fulfilling my business needs rather than implementing strategies from someone else’s. I’ll be focusing on three areas of growth:


  1. Expanding and refining what was successful last year;
  2. Making my creative process more fun;
  3. Collaborating with other creatives.

Just three things, and by now, I can say that this is enough to keep my development around here in a more productive – and satisfying – step.

If you are a solopreneur who’s struggling with doing everything, I definitely encourage you to analyse how you can keep your “strategy” list short this year. How can you make it closer to your own journey right now?


Graphic Designer and illustrator from São Paulo/Brazil sharing my journey as solopreneur. In love with cinema, cats, and glitterous stuff.

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