Through the Rainbowland

Yes, it’s 2018 and I’m still creating moodboards for inspiration. Don’t kill me. I know they are kinda more of the same most of the time. I hear a lot about how inspirational posts are not useful enough, but, I disagree. I love seeing them on other blogs. And since one of my – unconscious – goals for this year is to share more of my ‘backstage work’, I guess sharing initial ideas for premade packages is a great start.

And I always array a few images before starting any project anyway (hey there, private Pinterest boards!).

I’m obsessed with being colorful since I can remember. I like how using colors can make everything seem alive somehow. Even when it comes to my own branding design I spent a great time thinking about which colors to use. And while I didn’t want it to be rainbow-ish, the result couldn’t be any more neon.

Moodboard: Rainbowland

I’m still exploring how to use this color palette. While I like the thing of keeping a general tone most of the time, I found out that pastel colors do look good when you incorporate a saturated tone or another in the middle.

Sources: Jaz Harold Art / Wildfox Rainbow Dreamgirls Editorial / Beauty is Boring / Corey Hearne


Graphic Designer and illustrator from São Paulo/Brazil sharing my journey as solopreneur. In love with cinema, cats, and glitterous stuff.

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