Logo Design and Branding Design Process

Crafting designs that resonates with your voice.



The introduction is where we discuss the first details of your project. And if you’ve already contacted us, we probably went through this step. But since clear communication is a must for my work, I also offer a free 30 minute consultation via Facebook or Etsy before starting the project.

It’s all about knowing more about your branding, your voice, how do you want to show it, and your main requests for the project.



To give you an exact quote for logo or branding design development, you need to fill this questionnaire. The answers to the questions will also serve as a briefing and will guide us through the development of the project. If you need a logo + branding items, we always start with the logo which will serve as reference when we start to develop the other items on your package.



At this point, you already know the pricing for your request and you will receive this .pdf file with our details for custom orders. If you agree with the policies, a custom listing on Etsy will be created so you can pay for your order.

Etsy is a safe platform and you can pay through Paypal and credit card. Only after the payment will start the development of your design.



The development includes sketches for illustrations/symbols, typography research, color palette research, and other similar things.


TURN AROUND TIME: A custom logo design can take up to 10 business days of production, and a branding kit can take up to 20 days.

That can vary according to the complexity of the project. I will inform you a exact turn around time before start working on your project. You will also receive your project timeline.



For logo design: 2-3 different concepts are designed. You can choose the one you like most and then move on to refining it. If there’s anything you would like to try, here’s the part where you can communicate that.

For branding sets: only one set is designed but I’m very open to alterations if you feel like it`s necessary (it’s just simpler cause we already gone through the process of doing the logo design and variations).

After all the alterations, you will approve and receive your design.



You will receive all your files + your brand guide through a Google Drive folder. And we’ll keep that Google Drive file so you can download anytime in the future.