How to plan a site makeover (+ free worksheet included)

I’m pretty sure you know the importance of having a quality site just as I have learned over time. And, If you have been conducting business for a while, you may have been thinking about creating one from scratch or upgrade your current website.


As solopreneurs and small businesses owners we do need to look forward to building strong online presences and periodically look at our existing website and ask ourselves if a site makeover could help push us towards another level.

Even though your business does not rely on a site to work, you shouldn’t see it as a complement. When you neglect your website, you’re losing opportunities to grow your business.

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To create these opportunities your site needs to be practical. You have to find a hierarchy for your content. As many other solopreneurs, I was overwhelmed about the idea of redesign my site. That’s the reason why I had to create a step-by-step plan first.

The detailed guide helped me avoid confusion and make sure I finished my site without pulling my hair out.

How to Plan a Site Makeover (Free Worksheet Included)


How to plan a site makeover:

List all the main pages needed to reach the primary goal of your website.

It’s very crucial to keep in mind clear goals for your site plan since the early stages. My primary goal while working on my site makeover was to make sure that every visitor can learn about who I am, what I do, and how I can help them STRAIGHT AWAY.

I also see my site as an informative platform for interested clients, so I have a bulk of pages describing my work process.

You’re the one who decides which pages are useful for your goal. That can include About Me pages, FAQs, galleries, pricing tables. And, If you feel like there’s a page you need that doesn’t fit industry standards, you should include that anyway.


Research specific methods to optimize the content of each page.

There’s a lot of posts about how to write good about pages, descriptions for your services, and landing pages. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to optimizing the content for each page, take some time to research about it.


Consider how user-friendly your site will be.

No one wants confusing or time-consuming pages. So, making a website comfortable to use needs to be part of the plan.

There are a lot of things you can try out to achieve that: buttons that scrolls to the top of the page, mobile navigation menus, links to redirect the user back to the homepage, fade effects between pages, Pinterest buttons so people can save your posts. The list goes on and on. These days, most professional themes already have features like that, so you don’t need to bother with implementing each one by yourself.


Sketch site layouts and define where each branding design element should go.

In the pencil-and-paper planning stages, we have to practice some self-control and focus on branding design elements without getting in the way of content.

You can have a colorful brand without placing a whole color palette on a single page. My own visual identity is very bright and full of patterns, but I try to incorporate those elements with very strategic placements.


Pick a good platform for your website.

Without a doubt, I use and recommend a self-hosted WordPress for content management.

With plugins and templates, WordPress lets you create a range of site types to build your business, even E-commerce shops. It gives you any level of control you want. However, if you just started learning about sites, a self-hosted WordPress may not be for you.

Another great option is Squarespace. And, you can find many gorgeous templates for it on Etsy.

Ready for your site makeover? You can download my Website Makeover Worksheet below for additional guidance. It lets you fill in your specific details as you work step-by-step through the best website building practices.


Get your free Website Makeover Worksheet right in your Inbox:


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