Custom Branding Design Package / Visual Identity Order / Logo Design
Custom Order Welcome Guide


The answers from your questionnaire will be used as project briefing; so please make sure that the information you enter is totally relatable with the image you have in mind for your brand. If you aren’t sure or if you are indecisive about an element, please let me know so I can reach out and offer advice on it.

The ‘MAIN COLOR’ and the ‘COLOR PALETTE’ are two different fields and some people confuse them. If the form is returning a error, please verify if you did not overlook one of those sections. 


The turnaround time for the proofs is 7 business days for single items and 10 business days for logos/branding design packages. Don’t forget: we are doing a research and building a variety of concepts. If you want to speed up your order let me know, I can do it, but keep in mind that means less time to do the creative process.

Proofs are not final files so you may notice the images at this phase are compressed so they can load faster.

Custom Order Welcome Guide
Custom Order Welcome Guide


Your custom order includes 3 rounds of revisions. I’m very open to alterations and I send a proofs after doing each one. If you feel like we are not going on the right to direction try to expand the ideas you have in mind – examples are great! – rather than change them.