4 common blog design mistakes to avoid

As a front-end developer and layout junkie, I love to see other people’s websites and notice what makes them interesting or readable. As content creators, the last we want is make our content inaccessible or hard to get into.

I’ve been working with web design for around 6 years. I definitely made a lot of mistakes in the beginning too. I don’t feel ashamed about it, we all make them.


If you feel like your blog or website isn’t looking professional or balanced enough, it may be because you are also making some of these mistakes.

4 Common Blog Design Mistakes to Avoid


4 common blog design mistakes to avoid


Using small fonts for blog posts.

I’ve seen blogs with useful content, great themes, well-crafted color palettes, but with long articles with small fonts. If you are writing a long article with almost no pictures, using small fonts will make it seem like each paragraph is just a big wall of text.

Fix: your juicy content must have a font with at least 16px. The 16 px rule still works for some fonts, but I like to keep at 17px.


Using a broad content section.

Wide sections make people get too distracted trying to figure out where the line ends instead of focusing on what you wrote.

Fix: make sure that your content area fits up to 80 characters per line only.


Using landing pages with too many calls to action.

Landing pages are incredible assets for any business with a website when well done. I absolutely LOVE them.

We all like to show the benefits of the product/freebie we are offering, but when you overload your landing page with 4 bold colors, 3 buttons, and flashing texts, it won’t make it more interesting.

In fact, it makes everything seem even more confusing.

Fix: keep bold colors for buttons and links only.


Using too many widgets (or gadgets) on your sidebar.

Remember when you started blogging and you thought “oh I need to show ALL I’ve got so people can easily find me and work with me!” and the only way was those automatic widgets you can drag and drop on your sidebar?

Old days.

Today, we have great themes with layouts where the sidebar stuffing doesn’t make sense. You can use your navigation bar, footer, and landing pages to pass your information instead.

Fix: use only 1-3 items on your sidebar.

Overall, creating great blog designs it’s about the hierarchy of your information, prioritizing your content, and trying to highlight only the relevant sections. That keeps your message clear and makes the user even more comfortable to keep navigating.


Graphic Designer and illustrator from São Paulo/Brazil sharing my journey as solopreneur. In love with cinema, cats, and glitterous stuff.

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