3 ways to use Tailwind to seamlessly boost your Pinterest profile

When you are a small business owner,  the struggle of social network management versus creating new stuff can be a problem.


And it can be too much.


Do you ever observed how some solopreneurs manage to do so much in a few hours of the day?


One word: automatization.


Right now, I`ve been looking for more ways to automatize my social media accounts. However, I do like to do that without losing control over what I post. Especially on Pinterest.

When it comes to growing a Pinterest account, it`s not always about how much you post, but about showing up for people, and how people are reinforcing (pinning!) your content. Since Pinning the whole week and each day is impossible for me, I had to find a tool that gives me the ability of post schedule.


I found a tool that many of you may already know: Tailwind.


It has a bunch of features, but I won’t get further into this since I don’t like to complicate. There are only three ways that I`ve been using Tailwind to boost my Pinterest profile. And, I can say that they are working well around here.

3 ways to use Tailwind to seamlessly boost your Pinterest profile


Scheduling my posts.


For me, the greatest thing about creating a post schedule is that I can use one day of the week to schedule a variety of posts.


I don’t even have to bother to login on my Pinterest account at the other days.


I can organize a week of posts for social media in one day, and on the rest of the week I’m able to focus on my creations and management of my business. And even though I’m not online for the whole week, people will keep seeing my presence in different days and hours.


Another thing I like about Tailwind is that they actually warn you if your post schedule is empty via email. This way, you can avoid running out of posts. Plus, you can add their Chrome extension to schedule posts outside its dashboard.


Posting on tribes. And reposting content from tribes.


Tribes are great to boost posts because they are communities where people are willing to share an exact kind of content that might match with yours. Or that simply is interesting for them.


You can also find some great content to schedule without getting too much outside of your own field.


There’s another option too, Boardbooster is tool that includes this feature. But, while I was testing its tribe feature I didn’t thought it was efficient as Tailwind since you need to get votes to get on each tribe.


Following the people that I Identify with from the tribes.


When I have the time, I like to check profiles from tribes and if I feel interested in the content of a person or another, I’ll directly follow them and interact. It may be just very few people from time to time, but I don’t see a problem with it. As you may know, interacting with people is a great way of building genuine and valuable business relations.


Tailwind also have analytics which I was not able to try yet, but I can see a growth when it comes to people sharing pins that link to my own content. If you work all by yourself and you are looking for ways to take the weight of social media management off your shoulders a little bit, I definitely advise you to try it out.


Graphic Designer and illustrator from São Paulo/Brazil sharing my journey as solopreneur. In love with cinema, cats, and glitterous stuff.

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