3 tips to create visual consistency with stock photos

One of the things that I admire whenever I see good branding design is the ability to keep a consistent style through photos on social media and sites.

Since my website launch, I’ve been trying to build this kind of consistency.

I don’t have a photographer, and right now I have no time to take beautiful flat lay photos like others on the creative field. But I do believe there are many ways we can achieve visual consistency these days using all of the free stock websites emerging each day.

(And, there are places where you can buy these stocks for a fair price from great photographers.)

If you are a new blogger or entrepreneur, using photos for visual storytelling is an excellent way of working with visual identity without investing any money. You can create even more cohesiveness through them.

Let’s jump on how we can do that, shall we?

3 tips to create visual consistency with stock photos


3 tips to create visual consistency with stock photos

Whenever you choose a stock photo, ask yourself if they are expressing your brand’s essence for real.

It’s compelling to fall into the “choose a random business related photo” thing. And, this kind of photo is the most accessible. But you should look forward to narrowing your niche. Then you’ll be able to create your very own vibe when it comes to using stock photos.


Pay attention to maintain a trend between each of your chosen photos.

If you have clarity with your brand values, this one shouldn’t be so hard. As I said on my site makeover post, having a site or maintaining any other platform is about unifying the vision we have for our businesses. To make it more comfortable and connected with the people we are working.

Quick tip: always check if the photo from your lastest post has any similarities with the one you choose for the post you are currently working on.

If you are a self-care coach who is trying to help people feel more confident about their work, the photos you choose should tell this story. If you are a makeup artist helping people feel free to rock bold makeup looks, the photos you choose should express this.


Find images that fit your brand’s color palette mood.

If you still don’t have a consistent color palette in your visual identity, I advise you to find that as soon as possible.

And, if you do, the next step is to try to label your color palette.

Glam Graphix’s palette is very pastel and bright at the same time, so I always look for images to reinforce that. So, If you have neutral and muted shades in your palette, you should look for photos to enhance this firm and minimal style.


There are many sites to select free stock images these days, but most of them can’t keep up with the market needs. I have a list of the ones I like the most and you can download by joining the list below.


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